Thursday, August 31, 2006


I wanted to post this song but didn't at first because it was written specifically for this commercial. Then I checked the title and subheading for this blog and noticed that nowhere is it specified that the music must be written for an album by an artist prior to the inception of the advert.

Sounds like a new category: Original songs written for or about the product being sold. Volume One.

Here's the product:

Here's the song, in an advertisement called "Song." Click on the 30 second or the original 15 second version. For some reason, I appreciated the candy bar more during the 15 second spot.

No reason to name the product because that would be against their entire campaign. This was reinforced as I noticed in a vending machine this week a candy bar with the label "Satisfy" on the wrapper.

Extra credit: This song reminds me of another song (or maybe combination of songs), but I can't place it. Any ideas?


marc said...

Wait, I think it reminds me of John Denver - or maybe that's just because he mentioned mountaintops in the first two lines.

Anonymous said...

makes me think of Nightswimming by REM. --L.

sarahday said...

This song (and the ad campaign) sucks so bad. I just want to smack that singing guy. I don't even get the joke - if there is one. It makes me want to never eat snickers again. They should hire that VW ad company, then they could make hip ads to Moby tunes and we would all be happier - and hungrier.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of molly smiles from uptown girls, Jesse Spencers sang it, (Chase from House M.D.