Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Old Navy v1.0

So, there is this Old Navy ad with lots of hopping and stop-time camera work. I saw it the other day and said, “Damn, that sounds like FannyPack.” Who remind me of Northern State, who remind me of the Beastie Boys. After some searching, I found the track, it is below. The spot is called Bounce. Try this link for viewing.

FannyPack ~ Fash’On

With any luck, The Commercial Music Blog team will be able to get some of these ads posted for your viewing pleasure. But I wanted to get the ball rolling with some tunes.

One of the ideas here is to see how effective the ads are. Seeing that it wasn’t until I looked up the commercial at Old Navy, that I realized it was for denim. Fun ad but not effective.

Music = 4/5 stars

Effectiveness = 1/5

Overall = π/5

Buy a FannyPack or Shop Old Navy


Dawn said...

You're dead on re., effectiveness. That commercial caught my eye and actually made me stop what I was doing to watch it but I thought it was going to be for snack food at first.

marc said...

However, I am now thinking that I need to go to Old Navy. So maybe another effectiveness point for getting me in the store?