Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cell Phones v2.0

I wasn’t able to link the video to this blog but you can visit Verizon’s page and view it. I have to give props to Liane for suggesting this commercial and its song by Goldfrapp. She says it is hell if you are dieting. And I agree.

The Yellow Stereo chimes in also, with remixes et cetera.

Goldfrapp ~ Strict Machine

Music = 3/5 (the song is fun and catchy)

Effectiveness = 0/5 (as a hater of all things cell phones, nothing will ever get me to want to buy one)

Overall = 3/3 (even though I don’t care for phones, this commercial is a joy to watch and its use of the song is quite nice – chocolate pulsing to the beat, etc.)

Buy Goldfrapp or Buy Chocolate

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