Tuesday, August 08, 2006

VW v1.0

1998 Volkswagen Jetta: synchronicity

I think it was VW who first utilized music in their ads. Or at least for my generation of TV viewers. And I think it was this ad that set the bar quite high.

I tried to track down the track, but had no luck. It is by Master Cylinder and called "Jung at Heart" (clever title if you ask the Duke).

Music = 3/5 (catchy chill-out tune)

Commercial = 5/5 (pretty sure this one changed the world of commercials)

Effectiveness = 4/5 (didn’t really want a Jetta, but I at least remember the ad 8 years later)

Look for more in V-dub in the future...

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Halfmad said...

Hmm, I used to have this song somewhere. I have to say though, this is my least favorite of the VW ads-with-song (though it's a damn site better than anything "Zoom-Zoom").