Sunday, August 06, 2006

inside promo ads: MTV

An inside promo advertisement is one where you are your own sponsor. A lot of cable stations do this; in particular I recall viewing several Animal Planet spots last week while dog sitting a blind chocolate lab who really likes to listen to Pet Detectives.

This one is for MTV, called "Language of Love," circa 2000. I found it while perusing the Commercial Closet, a website that documents all ads gay, be they positive, negative, neutral, what have you.

The featured song is Creed's "Higher," which when played saves not one, but three troubled relationships. The couples - two men, a man and a woman, two women - made me think of the above graphic, which I first saw on a T-Shirt promoting the Feve Bar in Oberlin, OH.

Social commentary: This ad is rife with it. The Commercial Closet sings praises that the ad meets and exceeds their mission, seeking to "integrate GLBT sensitivity into mainstream/business-to-business advertising." Kudos to MTV, who did such a good job that I've added a rating category, below.

Music - 5/5

Effectiveness - 2/5 (makes me want to keep watching the ad, not the station)

Social Commentary - 5/5

Overall - 4.9/5

Watch "Language of Love" by clicking "view this ad" in left sidebar

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