Sunday, August 06, 2006

If you don't give my football back...

This would have been a betta post back in World Cup mania, but alas, this blog did not exist then. The commercial? One dubbed "The Impossible Team" or "Jose + 10" with two youths "picking" famous footballers to be on their team. The famous players come out, one by one. And then, one of the kids goes and picks former German player Franz Beckenbauer and out he comes in all his youthful glory (a la kid-Tiger Woods playing in modern tourneys in the Nike commercials). Then the other kid calls "Platini" (Michel Platini from France.) Even though I was a short, utterly non-athletic frizzy hair'd young girl, the extreme charm and beauty of this ad is not lost on me. It so gets to the core of children dreaming big about what matters most to them without nary a second thought.

"Beckenbauer? Ha ha ha."

And the music? Well as soon as the game commences, the sound flows with the seemingly effortless ease of a perfect pass.... thanks to Jim Noir's "Eany Meany"— a song that does talk of football with the same childhood glee that this commerical seeks to exploit (in a good way.) It's funny, I would never have matched this commercial with this soundtrack though. I would have instinctively gone for something higher energy, or maybe the word I'm looking for is "thumpier." And I would have been so very wrong. It's the perfect backdrop to the little movie and the perfect summer pop tune to boot.

Listen ~ Jim Noir, "Eanie Meany"

Watch ~ The Commercial in its entirety

I'd give this song a 5/5. Ditto on effectiveness. It just gets the joyful afternoon mood right. //


Jared said...

you should also post the track that is played in the commercial where the two kids are picking the teams:

RJD2 - De L'Alouette

superclea said...

Well, okay then. I have it. I just don't think that's the song really. Do you? I'll post it.

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