Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meanwhile Back At The Pharm ~ V1.0

Pharmaceutical ads are good for one thing, the list of side effects. And this one is especially fun because it is a batch of hip-looking ladies talking during a rooftop party. Completely unbelievable.

The song in the backgound is St. Germain’s Sure Thing.

Music = 4/5 great song that has “yeah, yeah, yeah” in there somewhere, which works with the name of the drug.

Effectiveness = 2/5 being a guy, it does nothing for me, although there are probably some ladies out there intrigued by this pill

Overall = 4/5 I love this ad for the music and it’s complete disregard for real life

Buy St. Germain or get Yaz info


Dinah said...

I wasn't even noticing the music, too busy having a wtf? moment about the conversation. It felt like a spoof.

Ryan said...

I knew it! I was watching TV and heard this commercial begin. I immediately remembered that old St. Germaine song from high school but didn't think it would be in a commercial. Thats for confirming this with me.

sexy said...