Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Intel "Multiply": Let's Dance

"Why do advertising agencies think that the world is interested in the making of their commercials?" sniffs the YouTube commenter. Well...because people like me want to find out who made the music, of course. The "making of" video didn't actually share the source of the ridiculously catchy song accompanying a just-okay spot (good dancin', though). But I was able to find out here.

[image would go here if blogger was allowing me to upload images currently, but it is not]

Frankly, I don't know what the hell the Intel Core 2 Duo does. I just like the song. Perhaps not the greatest endorsement for the commercial. And, okay, I have the tiniest bit of fear that Carlos Jean's voice could make this song go the way of "Mambo Number 5" in terms of likeability, but what the hell. This is really the first song I've heard in a commercial in a very long time that I've really liked.

So listen: Carlos Jean: Mr. Dabada.

Or watch the commercial. (Sorry, haven't embedded just yet--working on it).
And while we're at it:
Let's visit Carlos Jean (he seems really friendly).
Let's buy Mr. Dabada.
Let's buy the whole album.

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