Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who Doesn't Like Bras?

It’s about time to get this blog rolling again. So we kick start it with my favorite blues duo: The Black Keys.

Listen ~ Girl Is On My Mind

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Look for more posting in the near furture.


Anonymous said...

The Black Keys are one of the best bands out today. They transcend their blues-rock genre and bring much needed riffs and lyrical styles back to the public. Even though it is just two awkward indie-looking guys, they manage to bring the type of complex riffs and drum lines that classic songs like Jimi Hendrix' "Manic Depression" and Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" all have. I idolize Zeppelin and Hendrix, and yes, I would still compare The Black Keys to them. Save your cash and buy the Keys because this band you need.

sexy said...